How to become a member?

Membership Procedure

  1. All existing members of IACM are kindly requested to renew their membership by filling and submitting the new membership form.
    Download the membership application form here: IACM Membership Form
  2. Filling the form – The form should be filled electronically. In case of problems, please contact the Secretary for assistance.
  3. Submitting the form – Send the form as an attachment via email to the IACM secretariat (, from the sender personal email address. (This is in order to authenticate the signature)
  4. Approval by IACM Board
    1. Membership renewal – No approval is needed in the case of existing IACM members renewing their membership. Please proceed to make the payment.
    2. New Applicant – The application is considered by the IACM Board for approval, according to the IACM Statutes. The applicant will be notified in due time. Please do not proceed to make the payment before receiving notification of approval.
  5. Payment of membership fees – Payment of membership fees is necessary for the membership procedure to be completed.
    1. Membership fees are to be paid every year, by 31 January in order to keep the membership active.
    2. Payment details are specified in the membership form.
  6. On completion of the membership procedure, the member will receive notification from the IACM Board.

Download the Membership Procedure document here

Do you have any questions about IACM membership or want to request the membership application form, please email the secretary at: