Welcome to the official website of the International Association of Catholic Missiologists (IACM).

Since almost a quarter of a century Catholic missiologists from all over the world have tried to reflect together on the missionary activity of the Church in today’s world forming an international association of Catholic missiologists. The idea of an association grew up in the late 1990s in the faculties of Missiology at two Pontifical Universities in Rome – Gregorianum and Urbanianum. Officially the association was established in 2000 during Great Jubilee year.

Since that time few hundred Catholic missiologists involved in teaching missiology in different institutions of higher learning as well as reflecting on the activity of evangelization have taken part in the life of the association.

The IACM wants to be at the service of the mission of the Church as we read in “Redemptoris missio”:

Theological training cannot and should not ignore the Church’s universal mission, ecumenism, the study of the great religions and missiology. I recommend that such studies be undertaken especially in seminaries and in houses of formation for men and women religious, ensuring that some priests or other students specialize in the different fields of missiology. (no. 83).

All those who want to serve missionary activity of the Church in such way, please feel free to join us.

Yours in Jesus Christ

Wojciech Kluj OMI

   7th IACM-Conference